About: Paula Durbin

Photography has always captured my spirit. It was only natural that my creative “release” be expressed through the same medium. But, because I am a unique spirit, it had to have other levels of creativity—the photo itself just wasn’t enough.

My first creative approach to photography was the use of the Polaroid transfer technique. My work consisted of subjects that are still close to me: animals and nature. The technique suited me well; it expresses the selected image seen and it allows me to further express its beauty with the softness of the technique. The watercolor paper used brings yet another dimension to the image.

A search for the true expression in my photography led me to explore the techniques of the Fresson family of photographers. The Fresson technique, which culminates in the special care give the developmental process and the paper used, presented me the opportunity to express the richness of my photography. My work now moves beyond the ‛moment’ and presents a depth and richness perhaps not otherwise felt. I am honored to be a part of the Fresson family. There are only a limited number of artists with whom I share this privilege. Having gone through a selection process to participate with these artists, I hope that my passion and depth of concept of photography, and what it can bring, is enjoyed.

I continue my search for expression through different printing techniques. I am also honored to have my images printed by Monsieur Roland Dufau’s special technique utilizing the Ilfachrome process, and by Qoro, who also uses both canvas and watercolor paper.  Along with these wonderful printers, I print many of my images using an Epson 3800.

Photography captures a moment in time. The softness and depth brought to these photographs through my hand and the printing techniques gives the art a lasting impression. A moment captured and expressed as life.

 — Paula Durbin, 2012